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Official Manhunt Server Rules
Started by admin



14 Dec 2020
Last Seen
21 Sep 2021

Do not be surprised if you get banned from our Minecraft Manhunt server for abusing something not listed here. If you have any questions about the rules being un-clear or anything else related, please contact a staff member.



Use COMMON SENSE. Do not do anything common sense would clarify it as "against the rules".


1. Lying to any of our staff members to evade a punishement is a bannable offence


2. Scamming/Virtual Theft is strictly a bannable offence


3. Do not try to dodge a ban or a mute on any of our McManhunt Servers


4. VPN/Proxy is not allowed (Except for Content Creators)

5. Do not disclose your age/personal information OR anyone else's (EVEN IN A JOKING MANNER)


6. Do not try to extract personal information (names, age, address) from any player to use it against them. (BANNABLE OFFENCE)


----------------DISCORD RULES----------------



 0. Violating the Discord TOS will result in a permanent ban from our discord server


1. DDOS/DOX threats targeting any individual is not allowed (also applies in-game).


2. Any form of threats in our network will result in a warning and can also result in a BAN (includes death wishes and also applies in-game).


3. Sharing or leaking IP is a bannable offence (also applies in-game).


4. Insulting anyone, using racist terms, etc. = PERMANENT BAN (also applies in-game).


5. Do not spread misinformation (also applies in-game).


6. Do not spam/harass any members of the Manhunt Forum or Discord server (also applies in-game).


7. Unauthorized advertising is NOT allowed in-game & on this discord server (also applies in-game).


8. Disrespecting anyone is a bannable offence (also applies in-game).


9. Trolling is also a bannable offence, use common sense (also applies in-game).


10. Sending any NSFW content in any channel is a bannable offence, channel spamming and ruining voice channels is also bannable.


11. Do not spam support tickets (Ex. Intentionally false reporting a random player in the Minecraft Manhunt Server to get the attention of any member of the staff).


Warns and kick (2 warn):


12. No inappropriate nicknames.


13. No sexually explicit nicknames.


14. No offensive nicknames.


15. No inappropriate profile pictures.


16. No sexually explicit profile pictures.


17. No offensive profile pictures


18. No offensive language (mute after 3 warnings)


19. Do not mass ping (e.g @everyone @Moderator @Head of Staff @Moderator)


---------------------IN-GAME RULES---------------------



Warns & Kick:


1. Inappropriate Skins/Capes is a bannable offence (Ex: Any in-game Skin/Cape showing or expressing nudity)


2. Cheating/Fake cheating is not allowed in any way and will result in a PERMANENT BAN. This also includes the use of any disallowed clients/mods or external programs (unfair advantages). --site--


3. Duplications glitches in any way is strictly not allowed and will result in a PERMANENT BAN.


4. Trying to intentionally ruin someone else's experience will result in a BAN.


5. Abusing/exploiting glitches (Ex: finding a way of the exiting the lobby/hub, evading spawn restrictions, Block Glitching) is strictly not allowed. In the case that you discover a glitch, report it to any staff member.


6. Account sharing is allowed, but we will not unban you if your shared account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted.


7. Excessively abusing the "/report" command is strictly not allowed (Ex. Deliberately false reporting a random player to get the attention of any member of the staff). Intentionally false reporting a player is also BANNABLE.


8. Do not spam the /report (Ex. False reporting a random player in the server). 


9. No advertising for any other Minecraft server in any way.


10. No bypassing around chat filters.


11. Do not imitate/impersonate staff (E.G. Put the same name as staff members. Ex. {OWNER} or {DEVELOPER} next to your name)


12. No selling in-game items for real life currency.


13. No racism or any inappropriate messages in chat. (After 2 warnings, you will get muted accordingly)


14. No spamming (After 3 warnings, you will get muted accordingly)


15. Trying to lag out/cause damage to the Manhunt server on purpose will result in a PERMABAN.

16. No offensive language (mute after 3 warnings)

17. No begging for ranks or anything (mute after 3 warnings)


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